Our Commitment to Sustainability

A portion of the proceeds of every desk and table we sell is donated to the National Forest Foundation and used to plant trees in areas of great need. You get the custom office solutions you need while also supporting the healthy rehabilitation of our nation’s forests! Win Win.

The great part about joining the NFF's 50 Million For Our Forests program is that CBI Group can make a real, tangible sustainability commitment with obvious impact and results.

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Working with our Office Furniture Specialists means you get the workspace you need while helping important reforestation efforts.

We're excited to partner with the National Forest Foundation. This is a real and impactful commitment to sustainability and caring for our planet.

Let's make a difference!

We hope to plant even more trees in 2023.

14600 Trees planted so far

How to Get Involved

Whether you need open-area workstations, cubicles, private office desks, conference tables, freestanding tables, or training tables, your purchase will allow us to donate to the National Forest Foundation. It's that easy!