Sound Management Solutions

Sound Masking

Create a soothing work environment that promotes efficiency and prevents distractions with sound masking. Sound masking systems do not completely cancel noise, but makes conversation and other noises in the office sound more distant and difficult to decipher. Face-to-face collaboration with fellow employees does not create distraction, and conversations at a distance fade into the background. Works really well in any space and office environment.

Sound Dampening

Panel and wall systems are an effective way to minimize noise distractions. Options include ceiling or wall panels and come in a large variety of sizes, materials and colors. Acoustic panels are known to help manage up to 50% of sound and block noises from echoing through your space.

These panels can be attached to wall, hang from the ceiling or free standing/movable solutions. Optimal placement would be around small meeting spaces, training areas and even groups of workstations to provide extra sound dampening and minimize echoing. Panels can also serve an extra purpose with integrated dry-erase or chalk board surfaces to make the most out of your collaboration area.

Carpeting and ceiling tiles are also a great, cost-effective and stylish solution to assist in dampening sound in your office.

Let us help you find the the perfect acoustical solution to meet your needs.

ABC's of Sound Management

Use a combination of furniture, panels, walls and even sound masking to create a happier and more productive office environment.




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