Thomas J. Henry Project Brief

Client Goal: Primary goal with each of their locations was to prepare for growth and expansion, modernize the work environment to appeal to young talent while also improving the workflow and collaboration for their teams.

Problems Solved: We provided six of their locations with modern furniture solutions to improve the aesthetic of the office as a whole, maximize their floor plan, and improve the workflow of their teams with an open office concept.

Client Industry: Legal

Square Footage: Combined 60,000 total sq. ft. across all locations

Locations: San Antonio, Corpus Christi, Austin, Houston, Irving, Guaynabo Puerto Rico

Project Summary

Thomas J. Henry partnered with CBI to outfit their offices across Texas and Puerto Rico to accommodate their anticipated growth and expansion. Over a three year span of working together in San Antonio, we furnished roughly 200 private and open office workstations, conference rooms, break areas, and reception areas.

Through executing their vision for their San Antonio office, we became their trusted partner to outfit their offices across the state with a design layout and furniture that improved their workflow and allowed for growth within each location.

The transition from cubicle systems to open-office benching allowed this client to create a more collaborative environment, seat more team members, and complement their work hard play hard culture.
Sam Cardreon - CBI Group

Design Features

Before working with CBI, they used bulky cubicle systems that made it hard to see who was in the office and limited collaboration. They opted to update their space with benching systems which greatly opened up each of their offices, maximized their floor plan, modernized the space to appeal to younger talent, and allowed room for them to grow within their existing spaces.

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