T Blackwell Insurance Group

With clients as enthusiastic and innovative as T Blackwell Insurance Group, it isn’t hard to create amazing spaces. When Owner Tracey Blackwell and Interior Designer Adrian Galvan were planning the new building, they wanted to create an office that was more beautiful than the standard ones you typically see in the insurance industry. To give the team flexibility, we went with height-adjustable workstations, including Tracey’s private office.

“What’s amazing is it’s not just the sales or the project; it’s even the individuals who came in and installed. It was cleaner when they left than when we started.”
Tracey Blackwell

Tracey Blackwell – Owner, T Blackwell Insurance Group

“I actually believe CBI listened and understood what we were trying to create: something so beautiful that most insurance companies don’t have. From start to finish, they nailed it 150%!”
Tracey Blackwell

Garden Ridge, TX

With a strong belief in the power of teamwork, they needed the perfect collaboration area to meet in each day, which includes a standing-height table and modern room divider wall with integrated whiteboards. CBI Group also helped design the state-of-the-art community presentation room, creating a seating solution and configuration that can serve for multiple types of events. The new space received final approval from Archie Bear, the office pup who loves spending his days with his coworkers.