SWBC Project Brief

Client Goal: The multi-functionality of the office was priority for this client in addition to creating a comfortable work environment for the team.

Problems Solved: We incorporated solutions that promote flexibility and comfort for the team such as privacy pods and height-adjustable workstations. The furniture and layout were strategically selected and designed to create multi-functional workspaces that maintain a consistent design throughout the office.

Client Industry: Financial

Location: San Antonio

Project Summary

SWBC partnered with CBI to refresh their office space because of our strong history in San Antonio, experience working with similar companies, ability to go above and beyond project expectations, and our people and processes.

They wanted to have an open, multi-functional space that would give their team the opportunity organically connect on projects throughout the office. The furniture layout was strategically designed to include various workspaces throughout the office like open-office lounge areas, a multi-functional break room, huddle rooms, privacy pods, and benching systems to give their team access to different spaces to do their best work.

SWBC with Mike Pace of CBI Group