Recurrent Energy

Recurrent Energy is a Solar Panel Engineering firm that moved to Austin, Texas from the west coast. They wanted to acculturate to their new environment by creating a space that embraced comfort, minimalistic design, flexibility, connection, and modern tech-integrated workspaces to attract and retain top talent.

To achieve this, we furnished seven conference rooms ranging in various sizes, and plenty of ancillary furniture for comfortable interaction during the work day and after-hour team events. Additionally, they opted for locker systems for storage and a desk hoteling layout to encourage connection on a daily basis.

The quality of service from the design, furniture solutions provided, and efforts from all other parties involved fulfilled the client’s vision and led to the success of the project.
Sam Cardreon - CBI Group

Maximize Potential

The office is lined with floor-to-ceiling windows with great views of the city. We worked with the client to maximize the natural lighting using rows of benching systems and other flexible seating options that would not obstruct natural light from cascading into the space.

We were able to provide competitive pricing on benching systems and other conference tables through our unique, manufacturer relationship, allowing the client to maximize their budget and choose furniture pieces that would achieve the true vision they had for their space.

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