Real Estate Council of Austin

The Real Estate Council of Austin is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting real estate development; they needed to modernize their office space and replace their outdated furniture setup. With no prior experience overseeing renovations, they looked to CBI Group for expert guidance through the process. RECA knew they wanted to provide their team with sit-to-stand desks, and that needed a conference table to accommodate a large group.

CBI outfitted their large conference room with a power-integrated table, steel and laminate storage, and ergonomic seating. An inviting reception desk and lounge seating were installed in their lobby, and BOOST height-adjustable workstations with matching steel storage solutions were used for their main work area. Together, we created a unique workspace that promotes effective team meetings and reflects RECA’s collaborative culture.

We love our new furniture! If you suddenly put our old stuff back, there would be a riot. Everything looks great - it’s super easy to use, and I can’t think of one issue we’ve had. From the start, we got to review renderings and true-to-life imagery, and we got to touch and feel samples that helped us visualize the end result. The whole process went smoothly, and I’d definitely recommend CBI Group!
Ryan Poulos – Director of Communications at RECA