LevelUP – Ajanta Consulting, Chenega Corporation

LevelUP Code Works is revolutionizing technology for Air Force and Department of Defense missions. As a startup with huge responsibility, they deliver rapidly deployable software from their new facility in downtown San Antonio. To do this advanced work, they trusted CBI Group to transform their new office into an innovative and effective place to work.

By delivering quality products and thorough communication each step of the way, we worked with LevelUP to ensure that each of their requirements was met and the end result was a place in which they could thrive. Due to the sensitivity of their work, integrity and flexibility were key as we collaborated to coordinate the major installation and how we needed to operate while onsite.

Ofayo “Brad” Kingsberry of LevelUP – Ajanta Consulting, Chenega Corporation

As we started this project, we were considering several other companies. After being able to go to their office and see their products firsthand, we chose to partner with CBI Group for our project. I would recommend them wholeheartedly because of the quality of the product they offer, the integrity of their team, and the level of service they provide.
Ofayo “Brad” Kingsberry Program Manager of LevelUP – Ajanta Consulting, Chenega Corporation

"We wouldn't have gone anywhere else."

The end result is a happy client with functional height-adjustable workstations, spaces to collaborate with one another, and easy-to-access places to break away when confidentiality is needed. In short, they now have the resources to do their best work.

Brad said, “we wouldn’t have gone anywhere else”, and here at CBI Group, we wouldn’t have it any other way.