Project Brief

Client Goals: Find flexible furniture solutions that can be installed within the quick timeline and complement the architectural design of the building to create a beautiful, functional space that attracts and retains top talent.

Problems Solved: CBI Group worked with the client to make the most of their budget and strategically source furniture options that matched their design preferences and timeline without exceeding their budget. Through prompt communication and collaboration between parties, we were able to fulfill their vision and get the client into their new space on time.

Client Industry: Education

Square Footage: 60,000 sq. ft.

Location: Richardson, Texas

International Leadership of Texas

International Leadership of Texas connected with CBI Group to furnish their new headquarters with workspace solutions that would complement the architectural design of the space and create a refreshing, energetic, and inviting environment for their team to connect and collaborate in. With the lease to their previous space coming to an end, they needed to move into their new building quickly.

With four floors of space to furnish, our team got right to work with the client to understand their needs, procure the right solutions for their space, and ensure furniture would be delivered and installed for the client to move in on time. A project of this size required lots of communication, collaboration, and transparency between parties to ingrain confidence in the client that each of their goals would be fulfilled.

Charles Klein - Senior Executive Director of Construction

Creating an energetic and inviting office was a huge goal for this client. We incorporated soft lounge seating on each floor to present comfortable and casual workspaces for teams to connect regularly. With four floors of real estate, the various workspaces such as the conference rooms, lounge spaces, and open workstations provide ample opportunity for their teams to connect and collaborate on tasks to execute their mission.

The overall attention to detail throughout this project allowed our team to provide flexible solutions that fit the existing architectural design, the client's vision for the space, and will ultimately create a lively environment that will attract and retain talent, reinforce their culture, and empower team's through their tasks.

“The multiple trips to collaborate with the client allowed our team to create a furniture layout with diverse workspaces that would complement the architect’s design and create an eye-catching environment for their team and guests.”
Mike Pace - CBI Group
It was a great experience working with CBI. We stayed within budget and produced a great building that will last us a long time and looks professional and sleek. I would definitely recommend CBI for any company’s furniture needs.
Charles Klein

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