ArchPoint Group Project Brief

Client Goal: This client wanted to accommodate their growing team with a large flexible space to give everyone access to do their best work from anywhere in the office. With all of the available real estate at their new facility, they wanted to have a floor plan that would allow them to expand and reconfigure the office as their teams continue to grow.

Problems Solved: Our team created a flexible office that accommodates the needs of their growing teams with engaging workspaces. We worked closely with the client and sound masking partner to optimize sound management throughout the large office to ensure their teams can work efficiently.

Client Industry: Business Consulting

Square Footage: 24,949 sq. ft.

Location: San Antonio

Project Summary

After multiple collaborations with the client regarding their unique needs, CBI provided a solution for a productive, functional workplace that represents ArchPoint Group’s unique culture. Throughout the two floors of space, we furnished various configurations of height-adjustable benching systems, private offices, open-office meeting spaces, and much more.

The space promotes the client'scollaborative culture with inspiring wall graphics that can be seen throughout much of the office along with a variety of flexible spaces for their teams to connect. Sound masking speakers were strategically installed throughout the whole office to guarantee a productive and focused work environment. Overall, their new workspace will keep their teams connected, accommodate their rapid growth, and allow them to stand out as an engaged employer in the San Antonio area.

Designed and configured specifically for collaboration!

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