Project Brief

Client Goal: Create a space where clients feel "psychologically held" with solutions that promote comfort and privacy.

Problems Solved: CBI Group curated resimercial-style furniture to create a comfortable and welcoming environment for patients to visit. Sound masking was installed throughout the hallways and therapy rooms to ensure all patient conversations are protected and private.

Client Industry: Healthcare and Well-being

Square Footage: 2,700 sq. ft.

Location: San Antonio, Texas

Alliance Psychology

This client had lots of ideas of how they wanted their space to feel, emphasizing that they wanted their patients to feel “psychologically held” while in the space, but didn’t quite know where to start to achieve and fulfill their vision. The CBI team presented various design and furniture combinations to the client to kick off a collaborative discussion on which options would best fulfill their vision and goals.

Megan Lawson, PsyD

We curated resimercial-style furniture to include throughout the reception, therapy rooms, and private offices. The modern soft seating and side table options help to create a casual and warm environment for patients to feel comfortable and provide the client's team with ample opportunities to personalize their workspace.

It is critical for patients to feel safe and trust that their conversations are private while visiting. To achieve this, sound masking was installed in the hallways and in each of the therapy rooms to ensure everyone feels a sense of privacy and helps to greatly minimize distractions.

I was really pleased with the process and collaborative nature of the team. We got to meet with Brent, Mike, and Christie and hearing their ideas is what really made me feel like this is the company we want to work with.
Megan Lawson, PsyD