3 Benefits of Biophilic Office Design

The office is transitioning into a new environment to fit the updated needs and desires of the workforce. Businesses are looking for ways to innovate their office space to cater to the needs of team members, retain talent, and create an inclusive modern space that promotes productivity for all.

One of the ways to achieve this could be through biophilic design. Biophilic design embraces elements that introduce natural light throughout the office, plant life, outdoor workspaces, and spaces that encourage connecting with team members. Taking elements of biophilic design can positively impact team members, clients, and business owners. Below are three aspects of biophilic design and the benefits of each component.

1: Use natural elements to your advantage

Being in the office, we are often disproportionately exposed to LED and blue light from different devices compared to natural light. Natural lighting can relieve some of this artificial light exposure and improve the wellbeing of employees by reducing eye strain, headaches, and drowsiness.

Using landscaping, indoor plants, and moss walls are all ways to make your office space more lively. Greenery can help make teams feel more optimistic and refreshed throughout the day, leading them to feel more productive and inspired. It is an easy way of making the office feel more modern while also having real benefits on your teams.

Structuring workspaces around windows allows the opportunity to bring views of nature into the office. Pleasant views of the landscaping can bring greenery into the office when there are space limitations. Providing these elements near private and collaborative spaces can create a calm environment that will inspire and uplift your team while working.

2: Create a space that encourages inclusivity and collaboration

Flexible office spaces provide a sense of inclusivity for all types of workers while also giving people the freedom to collaborate throughout the office. An important component of biophilic design is allowing space for collaborating and interacting with other people.

Designing your office with this in mind could include large conference rooms, open breakrooms, pods, and other shared workspaces for your team to connect and efficiently work through projects together.

Flexible offices can also leave great impressions on your team and those who come to visit your space. Imagine walking into a business and seeing a lively ecosystem of team members working together throughout the whole office. For both prospecting talent and clients witnessing such a synergistic environment leaves a lasting impression that can impact them choosing to either join your team or work with your business.

Inclusivity is very important to the incoming workforce. Flexible offices reinforce inclusivity by creating environments to work for all types of personalities, ultimately creating an environment that improves productivity, efficiency, and comfort being in the office. Additionally, as people transition back to the office, they want some of the same freedoms they had while working remotely such as, the flexibility to work in a variety of areas.

Providing different workspaces throughout the office helps emulate the flexibility to change up scenery for multiple tasks. It is also worth considering outdoor workspaces if possible. This gives your team a fun place to work through projects, take lunch, or brainstorm with team members while also taking in the natural light and fresh air, giving your team a boost of energy during the day.

3: Win and retain talent with a modern office space

The needs of the workforce have evolved into something more than what most traditional office spaces offer. It is important to consider how to turn your office into a destination for your team. Biophilic design incorporates many of the elements needed to reinvent your office into a space that is desirable for current and incoming talent.

Biophilic offices present a new way to work by introducing exciting elements, such as excess natural lighting, abundant plant life, and various workspaces to connect team members, creating a destination they’re excited to come work in.

Implementing these elements to your office will create a space that teams can fully embrace and enjoy working in. A thriving office environment in a unique space is bound to retain and attract top talent.

Why biophilia is important to consider

Biophilia emphasizes the needs of the people through natural elements and human interaction. Creating a space with these components in mind helps stand out among competition by providing your teams with opportunities to freely collaborate and connect with team members, inspiring workspaces through uses of natural light, landscaping scenery, and other plant life throughout the office, and inclusive workspaces for all types of workers to be successful.

The office is a valuable place for teams to connect, grow, and learn from each other. Biophilic design is one method of creating a space that allows your office and team to flourish. If you are planning to create a biophilic office, reach out to the CBI team to get started on reinventing your office!





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