Hyde Park Project Brief

Client Goal: Desire to create a collegiate-like, collaborative open workspace to enhance student engagement and productivity.

Client Industry: Education

Square Footage: 3,889 sq. ft.

Location: Austin, TX

Project Summary

Hyde Park faced challenges with its outdated and dimly lit student & faculty collaboration facility, lacking the vibrancy and functionality required to support its progressive educational approach. Recognizing the need for a workspace refresh, their team embarked on a mission to transform the environment to align with the institution's culture of excellence and collaboration. The goal was to create a collegiate-like atmosphere conducive to student engagement and productivity while accommodating diverse learning needs.

The revitalization effort led to a dramatic transformation of the outdated space into a modern, functional environment. Key upgrades included integrating flexible furniture solutions to the student collaboration facility. Additional facilities such as a conference rooms and testing center were updated to enhance productivity and meet diverse needs. The renovated workspace instilled a sense of pride and responsibility among students, promoting respect for the environment and fostering a culture of excellence.

Establishing a New Direction

Through innovative collaboration and thoughtful design, Hyde Park High School successfully revitalized its workspaces, creating an environment that inspires learning, collaboration, and pride. The project exemplifies the power of partnership and vision in transforming educational spaces to meet the evolving needs of the school's students and faculty. With the seamless coordination between Hyde Park and CBI, the institution has achieved highly functional and visually appealing workspaces that reflects its values and supports its educational mission.

"Hyde Park is really going in a new direction and we wanted to cultivate spaces that were new, innovative, creative. We had vision for this space, and with CBI, it was very easy to pull this off in a very timely way."
Shannon Dawson